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Conversation Between Serated and Acnologia

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  1. It is! Thanks!
  2. Hay, I think I found that C4D package you were looking for earlier:

    I'm pretty sure that's it.
  3. WAAAIITTT I know what you're talking about now! They aren't c4d's, but textures :>

    More variations on this guys' DA
  4. I don't think you can get them anymore since MU was shut down and they are hosted there :|

    But here's good ones on DA
  5. Say, I was wondering what C4D packs you use where you get your star fields from? I need a little inspiration.
  6. I know which ones they are, but I dont know where I got them. Try looking for new ones on DA. There's a lot of nice ones there.
  7. My collection of C4Ds is over 2 gigs and 1200 images, so I dont know what specific ones you are talking about.
  8. You might like some of these new extractions, and if you do, enter the current SOTW, because its a stock preset using these.
  9. Ellipsis was in it, and I got contacted about it. But, whatever, I'll send you an invite. Maybe you can help pitch some ideas for projects or something.
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