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Conversation Between Vintniv and Miss Digital Moonlight

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  1. How's that going? Done any cool work or un-work related projects? There's just no buzz on our art forums these days.
  2. Good to hear ... yup, still working as graphic designer.
  3. Pretty good, still doing GFX stuff? I'm looking for inspiration!
  4. hey, how are you?
  5. heya moony
  6. Nope, never is. Just staying motivated to look is hard on its own level.
  7. Graduated from college a couple of months ago, looking for a job .... not fun actually. lol
  8. Trying to keep afloat while dabbling in romance. Not my specialty. Yourself?
  9. Not much, I haven't been on AF for quite some time. How are you?
  10. Not much, yourself? We dont really talk much.
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