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Conversation Between animegirl2365 and Gero50

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  1. I like your new avi.
  2. No I use Yahoo
  3. BTW do you use msn.
  4. Just browsing the internet. I am gonna go to bed soon so I'll ttyl.
  5. Lol I'll try to do that more often...So what cha doing?
  6. No you didn't click the "About me" tab silly. *_*
  7. Lol really? I didn't see it lol, I guess I'm blind...
  8. Kinda random it says in my profile I think. In any case I be 22 and I imagine you're 15.
  9. Hey, how old are u by the way?
  10. I see. I don't mind those, as long as the romance seems realistic.
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