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Conversation Between Alicaryn Silentread and Lysander Cyric Korvein

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  1. Happy Birthday, sir.
  2. I have Skype. Its chaoticdj
  3. Nice to hear from you too. <3 I can try to be around more often, or if you have a better used social networking thingiemabob, I'd be more than happy to talk to you there. (:
  4. Been busy workin and travelin all over the US. I come on AF every now and then but not as religiously as I used to. Its nice to hear from ya ^^
  5. Ohai, there! I just now got your visitor message! I don't log on much here anymore. I did see you in RC and tried to talk to you but you were busy, I suppose! :,( I wanted to catch up!
    How've you been, sir?
  6. Ali! Long time no see. Whats up?!
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