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Conversation Between bardabe and tesaamari

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  1. well i just failed my major exam!
    but i don't let myself get driven by it, i'm enjoying the christmas break right now
  2. I've been good I come on here on and off im pretty random haha i work allot and hardly have time for myself so when i do i like to nerd out, what about you how have you been?
  3. not really
    and oh, that message was from marvel, not from mk--
    (stupid tesaamari hahaha)

    how are you, it's months since we last talked~
  4. that sounded like allot of steps.....
  5. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW?It's just easy, follow these steps:
    1) Go to your profile by clicking on "My Profile" at the upper right of your screen.
    2) Locate the Friends list; this is below your profile pic and directly below your "My Mood"
    3) Click on the pencil button, and you'll be brought to the "Friends & Contacts" page.
    4) Go right at the bottom of the page and you shall see the "Add a Member to Your List..." box.
    5) Enter the name of a person you want to add to your contacts or/and add as a friend. Just click "Add Friend" to add that person to your contacts and as a friend. DONE! Just wait the person to confirm your friendship to you and he/she will be added to your Friends list. --SOURCE:MK
  6. ehhh idk.
  7. oh, why don't you add friends?
  8. hahah oh hey you're my first lol
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