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  1. I was more worried the old rules would mix oddly with the new rules as the old rules focus on the section without anime globe being taken into account. Alrighty though, happy to be working with you. Typing on my 360 can cause mistakes from time to time.
  2. I edited your post for grammatical errors. Also, don't delete threads, just move them to the trash bin with an expiring redirect. The previous rules thread contains general rules that users should follow. It should be read in conjunction with your new rules.
  3. If you can, check out the new rules and other little things going on in the updated anime review section! Since it got updated, new rules were needed.
  4. Oh. Well I've always liked your current username/usertitle set.
  5. Nope, I didn't change my usertitle to anything special.
  6. Lol! You used the same exact one? Man, I can't even remember!
  7. The usertitle is a nice touch
  8. Name wise? Then, indeed I am.
  9. Following in my footsteps, huh?
  10. Nah, Minecraft's not my thing. The Creepers group is for you know, creepy people lol.
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