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Conversation Between MAL OR AF and Teagan

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  1. Add me to Skype, if you would want to chat more! ;3

    Skype ID: Sukii.creemers
  2. Its just average. Yuru Yuri is a better version of Sakura Trick! Watch that.
  3. Is it recommendable?
  4. No problem.
    Not much! Watching some anime. Just finished the second episode of Sakura Trick.
  5. Lmao. xD Thank you very much! ^^ Nothing much, yourself dear? ^.^
  6. Heeey!
    Haha no problem xD.
  7. Hiiii!!! ヽ(・0・)

    Thanks for the friend request. (: You are now officially my first cyber friend here. (≖◞౪◟≖)
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