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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and Desu__Maiden

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  1. Thanks, but I didn't make them. Marudashi (Omega) made my Suigintou one and a person from the DOA boards made my Ayane one!
  2. I like your signature pictures. You are a pretty skilled artist if you are able to make such good signature pictures. Do you have a Deviant Art by any chance? If you do, I hope you wouldn't mind PM'ing it to me
  3. Keep up the good work Yoko Littner.
  4. Your current avatar is cute and yet still fappable. Cute = Fappable in my books.
  5. Hmm. Its possible.
  6. just curious. Do you personally know any of the people on this site?
  7. Rozen Maiden is 10/10 material dude!
  8. you like desu maiden my friend?
  9. Someone made it for me to use on this forum.
  10. Are you a graphics designer? You signature picture is customized to suit your username, which indicates you designed it.
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