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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and Baka Saru Roddish-kun

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  1. niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeee. I had no doubts that it would be. WWE is the best homoerotic soap opera ever
  2. Im leaving on Saturday. Smackdown was epic.. FANDANGOOOO
  3. well that was a terribly short week wasnt it :P
  4. meh. if youd said bill goldberg however....................

    he was so dreamy in troy <3
  5. Yup. It will be my 5th wwe event. Im excited since its first since 2011. Mark Walberg will be there xD.
  6. OH YEAH! you going to see it live? cool man, i saw it when it came to manchester that time. there was a whole 30mins of "story" that happened there that didnt get aired.

    enjoi, and take the baddest banner
  7. Just sorta bored lol. I leave often actually. This is normal for me, also Smackdown live tomm!
  8. nowhere great at the moment. its not even what id call a job tbf.

    ooh, you getting a nice holiday in meatspace too then? or is life interjecting in fun again?
  9. Oh cool. Where do you work? Nm. Taking a break from AF this week actually. Prob just til June lol.
  10. not much, just chillin on AF before i have to go work. how fares thee this fine morrow?
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