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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and apufferfish!

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  1. Rofl yeah! FEAR OUR LIGHT!
  2. yes and if you make us mad, our army of electric soldier porygons will give u a major sezire
  3. Kay. Ill try to bring some money to so we can buy many porygon and make an army out of em. Sir can be the captain.
  4. i dont knowww wenever we want
  5. Okay! Im down. What time?
  6. wat!!!!! SIR!???? tomorrow. you. me. libertytree mall. porygon. bootlegger.
  7. Am I or is it my ghost talking? Hey I didnt eat the cookies though, sir did!
  8. lol im suprize ur still alive man,
  9. Especially those cookies.
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