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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and Ωmega

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  1. May you make me just an avatar (:? Maybe a cute image with the letters AF on the bottom left. I'm not picky, but maybe a catchy image as big as my current? Mine looks sorta big lol.
  2. Of course ^w^
  3. Alright I have an avatar idea. Do you know Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue?
  4. Will do ^w^d
  5. Sent xD. If you need a 2-day trial let me know :P.
  6. Go ahead! User name is Marooroo =3
  7. Can I add you or do you not like adding people from forums?
  8. Yeah, I still use it. I still use my PS2 as well =]
  9. Do you use your 360?
  10. I'll give you the pictures tomorrow if that's fine. I'm deciding between a few right now xD.
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