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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and ChibiLovett

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  1. Buy the entire series from Amazon for thirty dollars!
  2. I'm saving up for Anime Banzai in October. v.v I already have the first season, so if I can find Traumend and Overture there, I'll probably get them. lol Ahhh. You need to read the manga! The story is so different. o.o My favorite doll isn't even really seen in the anime except for like two seconds in Overture where she dances with Laplace no Ma.

    Ah. I definitely will then.
  3. I bought the original series about three weeks back! It came with twenty six episodes! Buuuuy it. I never read the manga so I wouldn't know. Sorry <_<

    Sorta. Well, I have ideas like based off characters from different animes. Plus, make sure to join my 2014 AF roleplay!
  4. I'll definitely be buying it. Once I get the rest of the original series, at least. I didn't read it for the same reason I haven't finished the first series of the anime, but wasn't there a second manga series, "Rozen Maiden Tales" or something like that? Is it based on that?

    A roleplay based on the new Rozen Maiden?
  5. Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen will probably be out on DVD in 2014.

    I'm making an AF roleplay in 2014 and have ideas for our roleplays.
  6. Awww. Oh well. As long as it's still good! Actually I still need to finish the first series because I seem to have some sort of mental block that prevents me from watching it until I buy it. I can watch any other series online without a problem, but for some reason I just can't with Rozen Maiden. >.<

    LOL Tis a good possibility. ;P I am such a nocturnal person, it's ridiculous. haha
  7. Will you be on at 2:00 Am today xD?
  8. Its so good! Its not as funny as the original series though!
  9. lol Yes, definitely! It's amazing how much my mood has improved just being back here. ^.^

    O.O I didn't know they had a new version. I must look this up!
  10. Sounds like an interesting adventure, at least some of it was fun though! Home sweet home huh?

    Hey you're a Rozen Maiden fan right? Have you been watching the 2013 version? Its called Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen and its really good! Watch it!
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