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  1. I'm here :3. I'm switching between two sites.
  2. Umm... o.o where did you go? ;-;
  3. Yes, it's a very pretty song~ :3

    And yeah that's fine. But I'm not quite sure what we do... o.o
  4. Never watched Bleach D<.. Damn.. Nah jk :3 its fine. Btw good theme song :3.

    Is it fine if we use created characters then? I'm determined D<.

    I'll think of some action storyline in a min.
  5. But... (you're gonna hate me when I say this but...)

    I've never watched bleach before in my life I only know one of the theme songs >_< Life is like a boat... *cringes* don't hurt me!~ *hides*
  6. Hehe :3.. ..he huggled her..

    Through pm. I'll do a bleach rp and guide you to the goal.
  7. Thanks that makes me feel a lot better!~ ^_^

    And sure that would be great. How are you going to teach me though? o.o
  8. Really? It doesn't seem like you have any type of issue like that when I talk to you. Oh well, chur still my friend :3.

    May I teach you how to rp D :?
  9. That's too bad. D:

    I'm 20 years old. But the reason I can't get a job right now is because in October I had to go to the hospital. There I found out that I have a mental illness (bipolar disorder with psychotic features) and my doctor hasn't yet given me the okay to find a job. I'm still working on driving right now. Well, practicing. Also I am going to college so if I had a job I feel I'd be so stressed. I don't like having so much to do @~@

    And no... I can't roleplay very well. I wish I could. Sunnyside is trying to help me roleplay for his RP Nightmarchers. But it's not going so well. I'm just not getting into the story... y'know?
  10. Well.. when I moved to my new place, I somehow lost it in between that time D :.

    How old are yew? I'm sure you can find a job so yew can afford one D<..

    Btw can you roleplay?
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