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  1. Yeah sure!

    Sword Art Online (one of my favorites. Highly recommended! It's still airing and it's at episode 16 I think. New episodes every Saturday)
    Fate/Zero (tons of action in this. it's a prequel to Fate/Stay which is equally as good)
    Accel World (good action packed show based in the VR world)
    Kuroko no Basket (basketball anime really good though!)
    Sacred Seven (This one is okay. Has some cool action)
    Highschool DxD (pretty echii tho haha.)

    If you want more, lemme know. These are what I could think of off the top of my head
  2. xD. It was really good. I'm just not used to drama like animes. Hey, can you fill me in on any good 2011-2012 animes that are action packed?
  3. Clannad-type anime are definitely my thing LOL
  4. I just finished episode 1. Its good but not really my type of thing! I see why you like it though.
  5. It's definitely better than Kanon!
  6. Thanks! I'm watching Clannad xD. Its better than Kanon!
  7. I'm so down to try and hit 9000! er, OVER 9000!!
  8. I will, promise!. Btw check out mu latest blog entry! Huge milestone.
  9. Okayy lemme know how it is !
  10. Okay I will. I watch it in a 1 hour block with Haruhi Suzumiya episode 4. : D.
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