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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and DragonSoul

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  1. Hey dude whats up
  2. Hey Buddy whats up
  3. Nothing much, how about you?
  4. hey buddy whats up
  5. Hey i posted on the thing for you that say's Happy Birthday but happy is spelled with the B And can you do me a fav my rep was bad i was wondering if you can say you liked my post is that ok with you buddy?
  6. Nah probably not.. Just getting ready for the royal rumble on January 30th and saving up for more tickets for August.
  7. Thats Awesome dude glad you had a great day any plans this weekend
  8. Yea I bought a lot of things online, and I em enjoying it. I got to stay home today from school o:
  9. Thats not good its your Birthday man enjoy it and did you get some coool stuff?
  10. Thanks, and nothing much (:
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