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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and aether

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  1. I'll be away this Sunday and for 3 weeks from that day so I won't be able to take much part during it
  2. Hey man. I know your busy with life, but check out Wolf XL and consider signing up. I need 10 more sign ups and you'd be great for this.
  3. Same one as the avatar, profile pictures are from which is Hyper Neptunia
  4. Hey. What anime is your second signature picture of?
  5. Only if I find something as good though as I do like to change things round from time to time
  6. Never change your avatar. Okay?
  7. Ohhhhhh I see
  8. Wolf. The forum game is up.
  9. Pardon? I don't understand
  10. New wolf! Join up!
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