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Conversation Between I LIEK ANIMU and Shini

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  1. Oh really? I haven't been Cmpunk that much. Just a little while.
  2. Now it's my turn for the "really?" It's all I remember you as.
  3. Really? Its not like CmPunk was my original username on here lol. I started using it in 2010 I think.
  4. What? Man I can't see you as anything but CM Punk lol. It'll be weird not ever seeing that name again.
  5. I'll probably switch back to -Raiken- sometime lol. I only plan on being CmPunk til summer, then retire the username forever.
  6. Ah, really? Got plans for another name already?

    Yeah, gotta thank Flash for it. Had to do one of those old account name switches.
  7. Ya. I don't plan on being it forever but it will do for a while.
    I see you became Shini as well.
  8. Nothing much man, see you got the name back (well actually I saw your thread about it), looks good. Hopefully I'll be Shini soon.
  9. Dude. What's up.
  10. Thanks dude (:!
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