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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and DeathBlade/13.666

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  1. Sadly I'm coming under that cycle myself, as Real World just came calling. I'm still going to try to be active, but I can't make too many promises as I have no clue what the future holds in store for me. That's just the ebb-n-flow of things, and we have to/will act accordingly.
  2. It's fine by me.

    And I see what you mean now. The sections could use some spring cleaning and updating if you will, and going for the new stuff as opposed to the old stuff helps for newer members. Still updating things to fit with current stuff and keeping things like that going is something we're all trying to do. For many of the staff it's not so easy, due to not having the time or having too large of the sections. Believe me, we feel your pain on this when it comes to less active staff and such. And these things are all issues that have been brought up and will be brought up again. Unfortunately it's one of those things where it's an endless cycle of member becomes staff -> staff member becomes busy with things on the site -> Real world comes calling and the staff member becomes busy with that -> Time to figure out what to do in the absence of staff member.
  3. Yo man.

    Alright. I agree we should keep a discussion like this off that thread so is it cool to have it here?

    What I meant is that this is a forum dedicated to anime, thus being titled AF. I would love to see an update for those sections as it would only benefit AF and it can't cause any harm. Either way, I won't stop posting on the sections, but it would be really nice!

    The sections just need to be updated with current anime and maybe even a new moderator to look over the general anime section that can update the rules and maybe even sticky threads time to time.
  4. lol I'm sure someone will want to play. ^.^ Good luck with it though.
  5. Alright. I just hope people sign up. I worked really hard making that thread on my xbox 360 internet. Lol.
  6. Thanks, but no thanks. I detach myself from anything dealing with Big Brother or any reality tv show.
  7. Check out the new misc game! 1 sign up gets it going in my opinion.
  8. Nice. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. ^.^
  9. Yup. A Bass was my best catch, but I caught a handful of sun fishes which I hate catching. I caught a turtle about a month ago (:
  10. Catch anything?
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