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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and Rainbow Crash

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  1. Says "Bliss" Got it at Disney. Lot of people have hone to Disney, might have saw someone who's been and got the same shirt.
  2. What does your shirt say on ur profile pic? I feel like Ive seen the shirt before. No clue why though ,_,
  3. The series is sorta like Blazblue. I cant see the image now but ill look it up real soon! Damn 360 IE <_< .. Really ? Id love a Rarity one. May also be good practice.
  4. I've never heard of that game ._. I'll have to look it up sometime. I'm working on improving my skills: a rarity you say? I have the colors
  5. Oooh o.o! Sounds fun! What's it for?. Make a Rarity one too.. Heh. Um, not much. Playing my new game (Phantom Breaker BG). Fun and cute :3 hehe.. You'd love it. <3..
  6. BRAAAANDOOOONN... Umm not really, currently I'm working on a clay sculpture of princess luna from MLP;FIM... Heh.. How about you?
  7. Victoriaaaaa! How are you! Doing anything cool lately? :3
  8. Ahh I never watched Yugioh.. But oh, interesting concept though. ^_^ I guess I'll understand it more in full. hehe
  9. Yeah. Don't get me wrong. He cares about her and can be a decent guy. I just don't want anything happening to her. Heh, the story? Well its tough to explain, but do you know Yugioh Season 3? Noah, how he's in a coma and his father gives him his own virtual world? That's not my plot but the main boy enters a coma and becomes a test subject by the goverment. They give him a virtual girl in the coma world "she's real but agrees to go in". He wakes up from it early on and early on he teams with the girl to combat the corrupt goverment. There is WAY more but you'll read it later. Its action, romance, harem, school, comedy in one.
  10. Sure I'll give it a read.. Ah, yeah you can't control her life.. But you should least be concerned and try to guide her the best of you can without crossing lines.. Sometimes just being a guiding and caring friend can really help. And sure I'll read it ^^ what's its basic plot?
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