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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and blueangel06661

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  1. AWWWW! That would of been adorable..! Wish you got... WAIT. 5 SECONDS OVER N U FAILED?? Strict. ._. .....
  2. Minion from Despicable Me... And yes you sweat in costume.. It's icky and stuffy.. I didn't take it because I failed the pushup portion of the fitness test. I did the required amount but went 5 seconds over the 60minute time limit.. Oh well..
  3. Thanks that would help :3. Id greatly owe you one! Hehe. Which character? That sounds fun, but wouldnt you sweat in the costume? You didnt take it? Why not? Had to be a reason right? Wow I sound so nosy .____. ..
  4. I don't know.. I'll find out in a few weeks I guess, can also ask around and see how attendance is doing.. Though you can usually tell the attendance of the parks by the hours they are open.. For instance when my park closes at 7.. We're pretty slow.. Though if we close at 10.. That's our busy period.. So the earlier the park you want to attend closes, the better it usually is.. @_@ and it depends on what you do for how much you're paid.. I only got 7/hr.. But I know you get paid more if you're a character. For instance I almost became a character for Universal and their offering was 11/hr for my first job. Though I ended up not working for them.
  5. How would March be? I can prob do that, if you believe my birthday is a mistake lol. Youd know more than me. 12 hour shifts? Owch o.o. Get payed well? Speaking of pay. This guy on judge judy today said he works for walt disney and gets payed 14 a hour.
  6. Sucks that your birthday is so close to newyears... December-January are horror months for us.. xD Though my best advice is to go to disney during November, maybe even February. ^_^; sometime nearby your birthday.. Though avoid it around newyears especially. It's super busy and all of the cast is super grouchy since we're all pulling 12 hour shifts basically. (.____.)
  7. Ha. You make me feel already there! If I like it Ill DEF go back. I want to do as much as possible and if I somehow see you there if you're working Ill say hi! Always thought it'd be cool to meet an AF member, especially one who loves Disney! Yeah you're right. They would.
  8. We would love to have you ^__^ It's truly a fun place to be. I love it there ^_^ So much to do/see and no time to do it all.. =3 It's really great when you stop and smell the roses (or just pay attention to all the details) Though.. Most people our age would prefer to go to Universal :/
  9. I've always wanted to go. It sounds almost magical. When better than my 21st?
  10. It's in a week or two... So what made you decide to spend your birthday at disney?? :3
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