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Conversation Between MAL OR AF and blueangel06661

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  1. No offense, but if you had an issue with my contest you could of asked me directly.

    Its fine. Just look it over!

    Pretty much an avatar and signature set of Menma from Anohana. You can use the image I gave to you.. or get creative with another image. Your choice! You probably know what looks good, but is it a silver + blue signature possible with a matching avatar?

    Signature should say: Yoko Littler
    Avatar should say: Yoko

    I'm not good at sizes and details, so just do what you think looks good.
  3. It depends~

    Details? Also it won't be done tonight or tomorrow (unless I get off work early)
    I'm about to go to bed and I work 10-7 tomorrow with an hour drive both ways basically.. But I'd be happy to look it over.
  4. Would you make me an avatar/signature set if I asked for one? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thats nice of you, but sadly I can't post links using my Xbox 360. I could tell you what to search but that might be difficult as there are like 4 - 5 gifs apart of the search and only one I want.
  6. I could if you wanted to tell me what it was and what size you needed it to be-
  7. I only have photobucket at this time.
    Thanks. I'll find someone who can edit it for me!
  8. Whatever program you use has to have an animation feature. Such as some Photoshops. Open Gif in photoshop (I have CS5).
    >Image Tab
    >Canvas Size
    >Change the size
    >Save for web & devices
  9. Hey. Do you know if its possible to resize a gif and make it smaller without the feature of the picture moving going away?

    I keep trying to edit a gif, but the image always stops moving.
  10. Yeah the first 3-4 eps I saw of it.
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