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Conversation Between Yoko Littner and Rainbow Crash

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  1. I've always wanted to go. It sounds almost magical. When better than my 21st?
  2. It's in a week or two... So what made you decide to spend your birthday at disney?? :3
  3. You would of done that for me! SEE you are nice! When is ur bday o.o? If it was ever close to mine I could arrange. Too far away and sorry, Disney for me D< hehe.
  4. Haaah well if I still worked there I could've gotten you+2 in.. Buuut I quit.. But I think I want to go back to Disney soon @_@ Maybe in 5 months I might can go back.. Lol..

    I'll be going there for my birthday too hopefully ^_^ I still got connections that can get me in ._.
  5. Smart girl. Yes me. Jan 5th. Plenty of time to save! Im excited :3
  6. Lemme guess.. You? ._. Hmm so you're 20 eh? When's your birthday?
  7. Victoria. Guess who wants to go to walt disney for his 21st birthday?
  8. Very worth it ^___^ I'm glad and I can't wait to get it..
  9. OHH.. I get it. I get it. Well framing can be expensive too. Possibly highway robbery? Maybe. Though its worth it. Right?
  10. Well it's not a photo.. It's a vector Serated did.. I just didn't think framing it would be so much @_@
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