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Conversation Between AzureDark and DjCartOOn

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  1. Hi AzureDark =)
    I have been told by Kaitou Ace on the chat you were the right person to contact if I found some errors on the animelyrics site, so I hope this inf is correct and that I'm not bugging the wrong person.

    I was putting the lyrics on the "Hikari no Densetsu" soundtrack on my Ipod and I noticed a few mistakes:

    Both Opening and ending songs are sung by Tsukasa Itoh and not Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi.

    Haato no Kisetsu is the Opening song and Kataomoi no Humming the Ending one (may be added as description).

    The text on "Kataomoi no Humming" has a few errors in it. Unfortnately I am not very skilled in japanese kanji reading (yet), but by listening to the song I'm pretty sure the second line is not "juuni-iro no machikado" but "juuni-shoku no machikado", and in the last lines it's not "itsumo futari de itai honto yo" but "itsudemo futari de itai honto yo".

    I hope this comments are useful. If you want I can send you more minor errors I have found.

    Happy Easter,

    DjCartOOn =3
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