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Conversation Between AzureDark and alisaallthat

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  1. Okay, I'm gonna do it again, so if you get another submission but it's just the translation, it worked normally~

    If not, then that's what Control + Printscreen was invented for

    EDIT: I... don't think it worked. It didn't give me an error, but when I looked at my Control Panel, it said there's only 1 song waiting in the queue (there should be two, the first submission I did and the second one I just did)

    I'm going to try on my husband's computer this weekend, his usually doesn't do weird stuff like mine does.
  2. Yea, please do, I can't figure out what's wrong with the one already up.
  3. Oops. It wasn't letting me submit the translation by itself "fill in the title of the lyrics (which I did, in English and Japanese) and add the lyrics (I filled in the translation part only)" or something to that effect, so that's why I just put in my transliteration along with the translation without bothering to align the lines. It went through, so I figured it worked, but I forgot to tell you about that so you'd have a heads up.

    If you want, I could do a screenshot to show you what happened to me?
  4. Uhh, with MY LOVE, not only that the translit is already up, but you also didn't align the lines properly...
  5. OH. Noob mistake, sorry. I haven't done anything in so long I forgot about that!

    I'll go submit it now :3

    I've been studying Japanese like crazy for the past few months when I can, so I hope my skills are better!

    (And I just noticed the last PM I sent you was more than a year ago. Wow.)
  6. Thanks~

    What section of the what? You can only submit through the site's submit form, no?
  7. *magically comes from back the dead*

    Happy Way Belated Birthday, Azu~~

    But I came back with ulterior motives :P

    What section of the forum do you submit translations to? Because I'm slightly confused on that, haha.
  8. *slaps head* I forgot THAT? I pretty much spent the whole day downloading mp3 from them and I forgot that? *epic failure*

    OK! I'll attach it an email! *sparkle* My email address is the same as my AF username. You use gmail too? So do I~

    Anyway, I'll send it soon.

    EDIT: OK, Azu! I sent it.
  9. Azu, I'm here once again to nag about my own romaji failures~

    The Negima Drama character songs are quite, er, botched. I guess I wasn't paying attention to about 7 of them <.<

    *ahem* Either way, I've uploaded the txt file I wrote them in to 4shared! I was hoping when you have free time, you could go in and replace the lyrics on AnimeLyrics (and the coresponding info) with the info I have.

    P.S. this might be kinda obvious, but when it says who the vocalists are, the names in parenthesis are the actresses

    Example: Vocals by: Asuna Kagurazaka (Sara Wakatsuki) <--- Sara Wakatsuki is the actress, therefore the singer.

    I amaze myself how bad I can be sometimes. Anyways, here's the link:
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