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Conversation Between Ericgamer1 and Yoko Littner

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  1. Think I found a decent one.
  2. Oh cool.
    I'm trying to find a good birthday avatar, but none are good!
  3. I work at the grocery store. lol

    Probably going to go to a meeting on monday if I can to get into management.
  4. Good to hear, and wait. Where do you work again? I probably asked you this 5 billion times -_-
  5. Eric is well! Going to bed shortly though. It was a pretty busy day at work. x__o lol
  6. Hi eric, how are you (:
  7. Lies! Its plenty enough. Who needs cheap looking gifts when you can have love. (:
  8. Eric give <3 to all his friends.

    .. not sure if it's an acceptable gift for everyone though ;~;
  9. Same for me, so I stopped trying. Thanks though! (: I'll be looking forward to the thread like every year. What are you going to be giving me Eric? Anything good?
  10. oh nice! I'll try to make a bday thread if I'm fast enough (everyone always seems to beat me to it. xD)
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