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Conversation Between Eric1 and [M]idori

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  1. I will, thanks =P
  2. ah, I see. lol

    Just let me know if you have any questions. ^_^
  3. I've checked through most of the sections, so I'm a little familiar with them. But it still takes some time to find whatever I need to find, and the browser is loading quite slowly - either it's my computer slacking off, or just too much information ^^
  4. heh, nah. no worries n.n

    After a short bit everything should be pretty easy to figure out. Each section on the forum is for different topics (anime, art, games, music, etc). For newer members this section is for introducing yourself so that people can get to know you and say hi and stuff. ^_^
  5. Hi and thank you
    Still trying to figure this out, I feel kind of lost :3
  6. Hello ^^

    Welcome to AF
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