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Conversation Between Ericgamer1 and raven rose 101

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  1. That's good to hear
  2. Eric is fine~
  3. Hi~
    How are you?
  4. I'm fine.
    Except for the part where the Internet isn't working too well -_-"
    So don't be surprised that at some point I won't answer. :P
  5. hello. ^^

    I'm pretty good. yourself?
  6. Hello! How are you??
  7. True... So true But it's still SO annoying *angry*
  8. Just have to be careful. =P
  9. Internet is nice, except the part where pple try to hack in and send viruses. annoying.
  10. Playing Fallout New vegas atm. just relaxing and messing the internet as usual. ^^
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