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Conversation Between Ericgamer1 and sogood01

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  1. yep yep and plus on Thursday I am going to go take my drivers test so wish me luck I
    m supper nervous....
  2. ah, cool ^^
  3. Well that's good to hear then. I really enjoyed my weekend also it was fun I am really excited and looking foreword to graduation!
  4. heh, I did ^^
  5. Yeah, and it was fun I loved it. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
  6. ah, that sounds like fun ^^
  7. Oh well that might be best for you then lol. Me I am having my friend Ally stay then weekend with me and were gonna walk around town and see a movie Saturday and hangout with a few friends.
  8. just relaxing. I'm very tired. xD
  9. Oh wow that's cool you making any plans or you just relaxing?
  10. ah, hopefully I'll get to enjoy my days off finally ^^;
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