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Conversation Between Skylar1 and SigmaSD

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  1. Well I knows you don't do anything, Sigma thought I did something bad to Erics.

    Well I was worried, but its okays now. I'm glad you aren't hurt or anything. *smiles* But you okay though right?
  2. O_____O; no no no no NO. I <3 my siggy!! Eric would never do such a thing. ^_____^

    .-. I have no idea why you didn't get my last messages on msn.. ;____; oh noez. I hope I didn't worry siggy too much. *huggles* <3333333
  3. Hmm... well okay then. I was getting worried. I was talking to Capers yesterday. I kept asking her if maybe you didn't wants to talk to Sigma.

    *sniffles* Sigma thought you didn't wants to talk to me cause sigma hurt Erics again or something.
  4. oh. you must not have got it. .-. I replied and you never said anything back, then after a while I said I was going to bed because I was really tired.

    Eric was not ignoring at all ^___^
  5. I hope you're not upset or anything. Sigma is really really worried. Goodnight and see you tomorrow.
  6. Hey Erics, are you okay? You said you would be right back, but you never did. I hope you're alright.
  7. Oki!!! *runs over to MSN*
  8. msn?
  9. I knoes. Poor me. I tries to get hims out using a kamehame-dokan but he ignores meh. Grr
  10. ='[ poor siggy..
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