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Conversation Between Ericgamer1 and Eris

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  1. Redundant post.
  2. your new avy is kinda scary.
  3. Yes for the most part, but in some ways only sorta. It really boils down to the nature of wave function collapse. If wave function collapse is a fundamental mechanism of nature, then quantum many-particle systems are completely undeterministic. But if wavefunction collapse is actually caused by decoherence, then things will be slightly more deterministic (but only slightly so. You still end up with a probability density, not actual measurement values).
  4. hey, I'm curious. What is your opinion regarding determinism and free will?

    I've been under the impression that only things regarding quantum mechanics is indeterminable, but everything else is just clockwork.
  5. I think google translate is actually maintained by some secret underground society of Gnomes in the hillsides, where by they frequently confuse their own language when doing the translations.
  6. Google translate.
  7. Have you started learning Japanese by chance? :3

    or just copy pastin'?
  8. Cool. But I think it's AkuNoWhateverhisname you want if you're into lisp-alikes.
  9. So I've decided to give programing another chance and downloaded Racket the other day.
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