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Conversation Between Light Buster and Kaitou+

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  1. I take it that you don't know who he is, right?
  2. Do you know who nxtgen720 is?
  3. Just read your edit. This is coming from someone who probably never accomplished anything in his life.

    My website is doing great btw, and its given me so many opportunities. Thank you for the kind words though.
  4. Thanks man.
  5. You did. Have fun with the rest of your life and although I hope your website fails, I hope that you give that up for something more meaningful than it before it does.
  6. You mean Don Mattrick?

    No you didn't lol. Anyway gonna go play some Xenoblade X.
  7. You don't remember telling me about the other guy before Phil Spencer? Because I knew that a long time ago and you brought that up and I admitted that.
  8. Again with the lies. You were trying to damage control, lmao.

    Well if you don't want to re-add me because of things I said about Microsoft then its cool. Lmao Thats not surprising but it says a lot about you.
  9. If I was trying to defend Microsoft, I would've been denying the bad things they've done, but I wasn't. I openly admitted that they had some bad times. It wasn't until January that you've brought the situation up again.
  10. LMAO You're the one who called me an asshole and deleted me from Skype...MONTHS after I told you about that situation.

    And this was five years ago....I learned five years ago. So lets be're getting offended over stuff someone else says about Microsoft. Why do you care so much?

    This is hilarious lmao.
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