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Conversation Between Light Buster and Kaitou+

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  1. Thanks Booster, I appreciate it.
  2. Happy Birthday. Need I say more? Now go have some fun.
  3. Going to be done with Ghosts soon. Close to prestige max, then most of my focus is going to be on KI/Titanfall.
  4. That's good, Booster.

    At least something different than COD. Lmaao
  5. Love it. At least there isn't too much randomness unlike UMvC3.
  6. I understood it as if you were glad that you weren't hearing from me, my bad.

    So how you liking KI?
  7. Oh no, I was just wondering why I haven't heard from not hearing from you for a while.
  8. Why, you want me dead or something?
  9. I'm fine. Been a while since I heard from you, which is kind of a good thing.
  10. lolboostercheckignmyprofile

    sup bro?
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