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Conversation Between International 4-8818 and Your AF Waifu

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  1. Happy Birthday bro.
  2. Lol. Good luck bruh!

    Eh. Its tough to say.. back years ago my name was -Raiken-, but that was around 2009. Before that it was a few other things lol. It isn't like me and you were close friends, but I do remember we got along pretty well back then. If I remember my name, Ill let you know man.
  3. You'll have to remind me who you are by the way. People have been changing their names and tricking me.
  4. Ehhhhh probably when I have seen that my job is done here and I'll leave and people will be like "Man...whatever happened to that guy... He was so cool and funny." And then I will return and there will be much rejoicing. Ohhh the vanity...
  5. Do you think you're capable of such a task?
  6. Idk, I just was bored and thought "Mannnnnnnnnnnnn I haven't been on this site in ages! Might as well revive something."
  7. When did you come back? Nice to see you back.
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