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Conversation Between miniPhil and dream magician

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  1. Ah. I deleted some pms so there should be room now.
  2. Heya.. Thanks..
    That was a really weird dream..
    (I'm sorry but I'll post this in your wall- I can't send any PM's at the moment because yours seems full.)
    Thanks again. ^^
  3. It's a personal development course.. It's the fourth and the last..-mainly it's focus is on religion.
  4. Christian Ethics? Whats that?
  5. A lot, actually- but they're pretty much boring and I mean stressful boring- My Christian Ethics subject is one of those stuff..Joys in college..hmmm...I got none, I'm just happy I'm graduating soon..^^
  6. So nothing much has happened, no? Any new joys in college?
  7. Hey, I'm back ( I guess)- Life's been busy lately--- and boring (actually).
  8. I guess so..but, still, all requirements are a lil bit many than usual..
  9. That shucks. It can't be too hard can it? Shirley you enjoy some of it.
  10. Woah...that's good^^ I'm already in my fourth year so it's so stressful..
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