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Conversation Between hatoko_hinata and ~*Red*~

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  1. *big hugs* That's good <333
  2. omg.. i know this is such a late reply.. so sorry! been quite busy lately.. college has been fun so far.. Tiring, yes.. but i'm happy! I'm studying computer science..
  3. So how is college going for you? And what are you studying there?
  4. yeah, I just started college. It's quite the change of atmosphere and surroundings.
  5. I'm good

    Have you been busy lately?
  6. How have you been?
  7. Awwww *gives you a really big hug*
  8. Whaa! That's good to hear! Haha! It's wonderful you're still here. Most of my friends are now inactive.
  9. Of course I remember you!
  10. Hey Red! How are you? Hope you're doing fine! (and hope you still remember me..xD) I've been away for too long. So much has changed..
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