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Conversation Between Chewbaka and OminousCloud

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  1. My connection is sorta crap, but I do have a skype. Expect blur until changes happen.
  2. Don't call us, we'll call you! Maybe we can skype sometime. It's freeeeeee.
  3. WHY MUST YOU LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY?!? I want to call you, but you have to live where it'll cost money. You make me sad.
  4. Rawr
  5. oh my, I never knew you felt that way //5 lol
  6. I find myself wanting to poke you on the arm. Give me your arm to poke!
  7. I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but I use [*mention=(member user number from profile)]Member name[/*mention]
  8. Teach me how to mention. I want to abuse the feature on MegaAnimeFan, and also know how to use it. You have the power!
  9. I'm going to college now, after being a lazy bum. It's been fun. Hoping to transfer to a school for programming so I can be a Codemonkey.
  10. Yeah, you know same old same old. Nothing much really changes on my end, I just get older lol. Anything new and exciting with you?
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