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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Sighanide

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  1. Did you get it checked by a doctor of some sort? Sounds like something they would know. Maybe you had a badass sickness that is rare. Medicine, ho!
  2. yeah, but it was really weird. really, really weird. I heard some really creepy stuff. like My brother murdering my mom with a pipe as she screamed in the other room. some disturbing stuff went down.
  3. Yeah, that sounds awesome. (I kid, of course.) Seriously though, that sounds like some form of virus from a movie.
  4. well, i just got over a virus, and it was really freaking bad. I was hearing voices and throwing up and shit. :/
  5. Terrible. It's hot in my room, my nose hurts, I'm sick and my internet just got fixed. You?
  6. lets test that. How are you doing today?
  7. It could be.
  8. Is it physically possible for me to hold a conversation with you?
  9. gonna go catch some zzz

    i think. maybe.
  10. true, very true
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