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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Sighanide

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  1. Was it a community college? Cause I think I'm at one. Not how I imagined my life, but whatever.
  2. HAH, i wen't to digipen, so thats not a state college either.
  3. MT. San Jacinto College. Not an awesome one like state ones, but it'll do for now.
  4. High Five!
    interesting, huh. What college do you go to?
  5. It's been fine. Been doing what I said I have been. When I go back to college on Tuesday, I might see my exam scores, which I'm excited about.
  6. i see, i see. sorry. How's life treating you?
  7. I've been busy all day today farming Terramorphous for a head he'll barely ever drop, and saw a movie that was just win. Sorry about not speaking, but farming is a consuming project.
  8. Do you hate me or sumthin? 'cause it doesn't appear you like talking to me. :/
  9. Very much so. that made no sense.
  10. Awesome. Sounds like a boss night. I had fun playing with Halloween themed skins on Borderlands 2. Good Ass Night (TM)
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