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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Simphoni

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  1. Thats nice!! Can you remember which 1 you heard sing!!?? I dont know anything!! So... I'm sure there are other people who know more about vocaloid than I do!!^^
    I've been tryying to watch Sailor Moon!! But I dont know.... Oh well!! I'm on Inuyasha episode 23 or something like that!! But I stopped watching it!! I should probably catch up now!!XD
    I'm also on Bleach!! but I stopped watching it for the time being to focus on WitchBlade!! I'm enjoying it actually!!...
    Thats nice!! I'm not even on episode 20 of Naruto yet!!!!!!!!!XD
    I love Blood+!! I really enjoyed watching it and I was thinking of cosplaying Diva next actually..... But only next year!!XD
    I cant watch Death Note!! Its too scary for me to watch!!!!!!!!!XD Its too realistic!! LOL!!XD

    Have you ever heard of an anime named "Vampire Knight"
  2. I heard they sing, but I thought it was on an anime. I'll look them up later. I watched Sailor Moon, way back when. It'd be nice to see it again, but yeah. Inuyasha, only cause Adult Swim kept on playing it for like a few years in a row. I'm currently watching Bleach, although I know the ending. I've seen Naruto up to when he grows age. That's how he rolls though. Blood+ was another one I've seen, along with Death Note. Pretty much all I can remember.
  3. OH!! Okay! We don't have that here!! We had ANIMAX! But it stopped broadcasting in South Africa!! But It played there!! And I love it!! And there are 4 seasons and I only 1 movie, which I havent seen yet.
    The other 2 seasons are called Eureka 7 AO! I cant seem to find a good place to watch it!! But oh well.... I'll make a plan!!^^
    Shame man!! At least they show it!! And what other anime have you seen??
    REALLY?????????/ You should check the vocaloids! They'll be more than 1 vocaloid you like!! And its not an anime!!(~_~) Its hard to explain what they actually are! But I think there's the 1 anime Black Rock Shooter
  4. They're reshowing it on Adult Swim, and it's still as amazing as it was a few years ago. Sounds like a fun cosplay, although I haven't seen Vocaloid. Any of it. Problem is that I only have Adult Swim to watch anime and they only show a few. Very few. Plus, they only show it on Saturday. I take what I can get though.
  5. I LOVE EUREKA 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always did!! the love between Eureka and Renton was just beautiful! And when I found Eureka wasn't the 1st humanoid carollian Sakuya was!! I was like..... Awwww! Master Norb!!
    But the tranfromation of Nirvash in the last episode was amazing! and I didn't think Nirvash was a girl! Eureka never called Nirvash a he/she! She just called her child or Nirvash!! But I really grew a liking to Anemone and Dominic!! They were a cute couple!!^^ I could talk about this all day!!!XD
    I know what you mean!! Sometimes I really dont care that my pictures dont come out perfect!!!XD

    Its Kagamine Rin Vocaloid 2 default outfit!!^^
  6. I have most of the Ratchet games. Just need to get the other PS2 one and the other two on PS3 and I'll be complete. You should watch Eureka 7 if you haven't. That anime is yes. Drawing is fun, though I wish my hands would work to what my brain has invisioned. Geez, you'd think it'd work right, but nope, it doesn't. =_=. Anyways, what character are you working on for your cosplay?
  7. Cool!! My exams are taking up a lot of my time lately.... well.... the studying anyway!! I like Ratchet and Clank! My cousin had 1 on PS2 as well!! But I just dont remember which 1!!
    I've been here and there and working on a cosplay!! Ive been watching this really good anime named "Blood+" Its a really good anime and I fell in love with it!!^^
    I've been drawing again as well!! I stopped after a while because I wasn't happy with my progress!! But NOW!! Im drawing again because I love it!!^^
  8. I've been fine. College is awesome. I'm excited for Borderlands 2 and have been playing some classics from the PS2 era (Devil May Cry Collection and Ratchet and Clank Collection). How have you been? Anything interesting?
  9. Hellooooooo!!
    And pekaboo to you too!!!XD
    Its been a long time since I lat spoke to you!!
    How have you been??
    And cool new name!^^
  10. Peekaboo. Just saying.
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