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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Scruffy

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  1. Hermamamamamama.
  2. Intense.

  3. Well, let's just say that initially, I stood for Sir Dutchman because Saotome was being a huge hypocrite and tried brushing off an argument, so I posted something about then. He then told me to just basically lay off and kept referring to me as a "kid". I then pointed out all the flaws of what he said and he completely left the thread, basically acknowledging that I beat his *** out of there.

    Now from that, I already don't like the guy, but I check out some of his other posts and I see that this dude pretty much covets women (see his signature and some of his profile info for proof), and I generally think that guys like that are douchebags. It's even worse that he already portrayed to me that he's a douchebag. I decided to troll him/mock him for that.

    Basically, tl;dr: he's a woman-coveting douchebag. :P

    Fo' sho'.

    So, what's up with you and Saotome?
  5. You did, mang. I thought I had come up with some decent material, but nobody posted anything..

    Thanks, brah. I owe you one. <3
  6. I brought your thread to life. Or just bumped it. I'unno.
  7. True that. F3 got nearly flawless after Zeta regarding bugs. Vegas has gotten better, but it needs more work.
  8. I nevah played New Vegas, and I didn't particularly like Fallout 3 either D:

  9. Fallout New Vegas. The patch fixed my orbital death cannon. It's intense.

    Dat is the one reference I haven't gotten thus far. D:
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