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Conversation Between Chewbaka and Scruffy

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  1. If you use FB, I'm on there a lot. If you think it's satanic, then that sucks.
  2. Oh shit homie, I didn't see you were playing.

    You gotta get MSN or Skype sometime man. I almost never go on here. >.>
  3. Scruffy, I see you trying to play Wolf with me. I approve!
  4. Been an interest of mine since I was a kid, although back then, I didn't know what exactly it was. It'll be fun for me to program the math that people have to struggle to work to get items they want. Plus, physics is fun.
  5. So you wanna be a game programmer, huh? Why's that? o.o
  6. True. It's slow though. They didn't have the classes I wanted, so I have to hope next semester I can get them. So I can get out of there faster.
  7. Nope, not at all. Better to have at least gone than not gone at all. c:
  8. Yeah, I just did. Pathetic, right? Helping out family can suck the time away quick.
  9. Did you just start college? o.o

    And yeah, I'mma switch up universities next year so I can experience what residence life is like. Good luck to you.
  10. College for me. Trying to get enough credits to transfer to another school specializing in Game Programming. Everything is crazy.
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