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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Lily Hayashi

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  1. I'm doing fine thanks for asking, oh and no prob
  2. Well thanks. ^_^

    How are you doing right now.
  3. Hi awesome new name
  4. Sounds interesting, I'll have to see it one day.
  5. its not really about anything. its a bunch of characters that sing the people i know: Meiko, miku, rin len katio akita haku lilly and teto
  6. I've heard of it, but haven't seen it yet. What is it fully about?
  7. ok ^ ^
    meepity meep
    do you like vocaloid?
  8. I have read it, and will post in it within the next hour or so.
  9. lol did you read my thread? cause that comment sounded like what i'm talkin bout XD
    I'm good just listening to vocaloid and hanging out.
  10. I'm fine. Just existing in a world that might not be real at all.

    How about you?
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