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Conversation Between Chewbacca and Xanfiore

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  1. well,ok then =)
  2. Nah, it's no problem. I'm a picky human myself. I just finally found my perfect username, title and set.
  3. O.O;;
    but wait,doesn't it bother you? I mean by troubling you..
  4. I can save up more gil so you can change it again.
  5. well,actually..
    I did hope that I didn't input the ._ thingy
    oh well,,-~
  6. Nice new user title. 10k well worth donating.
  7. I approve lurking. Homework on the other hand...
  8. i'm just..lurking around the net..
    and hagging over my homework... =.=
  9. Nothing much, just existing and whatnot.

  10. xD.. *fist bump*
    so..whats up?
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