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Conversation Between Opinionated and Shin Natsume

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  1. I do not care what you think. You probably didn't see the flame war he/she started with me nearly half a year ago. If you aren't up to speed then please, mind your own business. You know next to nothing about my character so please do yourself a big favor and quit.
  2. Then you display a profound lack of the tact and good character I would expect from a person, and a copying of the methods of Westboro Baptist Church. Neither are good qualities. In fact you do display many of the qualities of a troll, attempting to start arguments and discord where ever you post. This lends an element of hypocritical humor to your accusing Capernicus of being a troll. So, like it or not, it is a joke.

    Keep on doing your thing, and let's not meet again.
  3. It wasn't a joke.
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