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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and Sighanide

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  1. True. I've done it before, i'll have to do it again xD
    I'm already looking in some spare time after work.
    Just seeing if there are any interesting positions open.
  2. Sorry to hear that, bro.
    Job searching is a pain.
  3. Ah, job search. I'm going to have to do one of those soon, I don't think my current job will keep me aloft for that much longer.
  4. Good, looking for a job.
  5. I've been good. You?
  6. Hi there!
    How have you been?
  7. Whats Up? Let's keep our conversation going this time :3
  8. I'll remember that xP
  9. Har har har XD

    Mmm, thats sounds good!
    My favorite sub is the buffalo chicken one! :3
  10. the English one xD(see what i did there)

    its turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard and mayonnaise.
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