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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and Daken.

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  1. okay!
  2. Sure!
    Sign me up!
  3. I got it off limewire. xD;
    Im pretty sure thats legal.
  4. Wuuh?
    How did you get it for free?
    Was it legal?
  5. Ohh sony? I love the effects it has.

    And you don't need to have money for it
    ;-; I got my PS for free.
  6. Thank you!

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Pro to make the video,
    then I use "Video to Gif" to make it into a gif.

    I'm too poor to buy photoshop! Haha
  7. Aha I see, you have some talent.
    Do ya' use photoshop to make them?
  8. I'll rep ya whether you like it or not!

    It depends on what I want it to turn out.
    Like my present sig wasn't because I knew exactly
    what I wanted it to look like.
    But when I take requests,
    its a little difficult since I don't know how
    the person wants it to turn out.
    In those cases,
    all I can do is my best.
  9. You don't really have to. (:
    Your welcome, though, I do have a question,
    are GIF signatures hard to make?
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