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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and SuXrys

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  1. It goes away completely?

    That was so cute!

    Yep, there goes the human race.
  3. Mhew, don't ask me about spellings >_> *face palms myself*

    Seen this video? The new generation is going downhill xD
  4. I do occassionally. (spelling?)

    But I'll be sure to read it!
  5. Do that. Do you read manga usually?
  6. Oh yes, I know that episode.
    Hilson and Huddy fans were outraged!

    Never heard of it.
    Since you recommend it,
    I'll have to check it out sometime!
  7. Jolly good old perverted Mrs.House, if I may.....

    It was season 1, episode 19, where he promises to go out on a date with Cameron. GAAAAAH!
    To be brute honest, I didn't like that ending of that episode.

    Talking about vikings, have you read the manga 'Vinland Saga'? (story of Vinland [vinland old viking name for America])? If not, it's not to shabby if you wish to check it out [if you like mangas with "vikings" and such]. . Speaking of which, I have some chapters to catching up on. ^^
  8. Jolly good Mrs. House!
    (Thats what I'm gonna call you from now on)

    What episode was it?

    You're my official House buddy!@
  9. Just saw a House episode a moment ago.
    Good stuff *nods*
  10. Indeed.... I can already imagine stroke that little ass of his... yees, I really sound like a pervert don't I? o.o
    Meh, are just clicking around here on the forum at the moment. Trying not to wake up my younger sister, which is hard since she is so sensitive. :S
    Can't even open my door without her complaining in the morning. ^^
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