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Conversation Between Major.Tom and Will Phuah

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  1. Haha indeed you do:P
  2. Yeah, right? At least I have someone who agrees with me XD
  3. Very much true.
  4. Yup, it's easy to read and there are better stories
  5. But other than that, manga is a treat.
  6. Yeah. XD
  7. Yeah you're probably right.
    Only downside to manga is you can't lay back in your chair and let it rain over you like anime:P
  8. I see~
    I read a whole lot more manga than anime, and I like manga more than anime too. I think stories in anime have gotten worse and worse throughout the years.
  9. Yeah ofcourse, well I read defense devil!
    And alot of manga's from anime's I watched that only finished in the manga's :P
  10. What about manga? Do you read 'em?
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