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Conversation Between Sinnamon and The Blue Baron

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  1. No worries ^_^ from what I looked up seems to be from a BL novel type game, and manga.
  2. Well forgive moi on that. i guess the questions still stand lol they just characters or from actual series either way now that i got genders straight and my eyes fixed their cool as winter breeze
  3. oh wow lol it is a guy i didnt zoom in first glance i got his body all mixed up lol
  4. I know right, the avy is actually a guy too...its Lamento Rai ...I love male nekos <3 and was one of the only ones i could find that I felt was smexy and badboy looking
  5. Is it a specific anime character? the female thats your avatar is also pretty boss too lol
  6. Thank you ^_^ I like it too.
  7. Cool samurai profile pic
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