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Conversation Between AmandaNerdBot and Princess Lemon

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  1. Well that's certainly a good thing to prep up for
  2. I've been educating myself on what to do once the global economy collapses.
  3. Not much, just living life and browsing around. Yourself?
  4. I haven't seen you on this site in a rather long time. So what's up?
  5. Well best of luck in whatever you are doing. I enjoyed the one-on-one conversation we had last night.
  6. Thanks for the compliment. If you want to Skype with me, just PM me for my Skype username...hint it is the exact same username as my previous username on this site (except without the underscore between the two names).
  7. Hey hey, everything is going pretty good actually! Life is rolling by, I saw your post about dropping out of class. I've done something like that before actually at my previous college. Well I actually did worse and didn't drop out, I just skipped my classes for two whole semesters. Whoops, so I know the feel yo. Hope things are going cool for ya!
  8. Hey, this is Desu_Maiden. I haven't chatted with you in ages. How is everything? I hope everything IRL is going fine for you. And I hope all of your courses are going fine.
  9. You raise a very good question. No my avatar has no inner meaning with lemons inside of it (outside a plot of world domination), and I'm actually working on having an artistic friend of mine (since I have no artistic talent) draw me a picture of a lemon wearing a monocle and princess tiara.

    Otherwise the current avatar is an artist rendition of me (the artist being myself, thus proving my lack of amazing art talent). Sh-bam
  10. If your username is about lemons, then why are there no lemons on your avatar? Does it subliminally have something to do with lemons?

    Yeah, fuck the Earth! Stick figure Galactus FTW. He's barbequing the earth with fire before eating it!
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