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Conversation Between FlashD and Annie Hall

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  1. Yes, but not only ... - everything - has it's bad sides, it just depends how much people are going to try to abuse it. But this is a bit different. We are too dependent of electricity and some even of another person (due to age or some other handicap). Sucks, but it's true. v_v
  2. Like communism, vegetarianism, and other noble concepts, it's good on paper, but not so good in practice <3
  3. No, the Memorial Day takes work from certain people. Our non-busy day would include everyone staying home and do whatever they wanted. Since everything would be closed and nothing that takes human interaction would work, maybe people could spend the day with the family.
    No wait ... hospitals still have to work ... scratch that ... my plan could never work.
  4. Like Memorial day?
  5. Yeah, we should declare a non-busy holiday, just to rebel to the overly busy life. :P
  6. Hhahaha you shouldn't!

    Oh man that sounds stressful
    I've been great! just really busy.
  7. I sense soooooo much sarcasm in your words. :P

    I've been busy. I'm taking over some MSDN AA accounts on various schools and the administration is being a pain.
    What about you? How have you been? ( considering I'm lurking on your FB a whole lot I feel so weird asking that >_<;; )
  8. You're so ridiculously clever :3

    How've you been?
  9. "Ohaider: A word used to say Hi to people, used mostly on videogames such as WoW, Runescape, and other online games." - Urban dictionary

    You play online games? People find out new stuff about you every day.

    Heya btw.
  10. Ohaider.
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