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Conversation Between FlashD and Animedude5555

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  1. Whos that anime girl in your avatar picture and sig?

    And who's the anime girl in your profile pic who has that square tomato? And why is the tomato so big (or the girl so small)? And why is the tomato not round?
  2. ... it's easy, but not that easy. Whois sites and IP search engines aren't there to track people down, but their only purpose is to keep information about the owner of an IP address or domain name. You won't find anything there.
  3. Actually, when I do a search of my own IP address on any of the available IP address search sites or WHOIS lookup sites, I find that it puts me in Kent which is the city that Comcast (my ISP) is in, and even gives an address, but it's the street address of Comcast headquarters, not MY street address. Not sure if this (only making ISP headquarters address available to the public) is standard for all ISPs to prevent illegal tracking and stalking, or if most people doing such a search who have other ISPs would find that it would give them their own location rather than their ISP's location. But at least with Comcast, I know I'm protected.
  4. Heh, you don't need access to an ISP to get a street address. All you need is a skilled computer guy and enough motivation to track somebody down. This is all I'm going to tell you. If you don't understand what I mean, you don't know enough about the Internet and I certainly won't be the one to introduce you to it.
  5. How so? Do you think terrorists have hacked the ISP's computers, and can get any personal info from the ISP that they want? Please explain.
  6. lol, na´ve much!?
  7. Well the terrorists don't have the resources needed to get my real name and street address from my IP address. The police even can't do this from just an IP address. They have to go with a search-warrant to the ISP that assigned the IP address, and request the personal info of the person associated with the IP address. Only the ISP company has direct access to the personal info associated with an IP address, and they are only allowed to give that information to law enforcement officers, and only if those officers present a valid warrant. There's no way for terrorists to get that info. I can spam/troll their sites all I want, and they have no way to find me and kill me. Now if on the other hand I went to them in person and insulted them, they'd kill me right then and there.
  8. I'm aware, but at least you'd show some spine. As for anonymity, the Internet is less anonymous than you think ...
  9. Face to face insult would get you killed against those guys. I'm online, so nobody knows who I am. I'm anonymous.
  10. Obviously, because terrorism is a joke ...
    Well, if you want to play with them, who I am to stop you, it's your call, but not from this site. You might want to visit them in person too, you know, face-to-face is even more effective.
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